Wishing One of Ours a Great Semester

If you’re a regular customer of Tombstone Trading Company, you’ve undoubtedly met one of our staff, Patrick. Patrick has been working with us since the early-to-middle part of 2019 and quickly became a valuable asset to our business. Not only was he a great addition to our sales staff, but also became one our of firearm class instructors.

Patrick has been pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice after completing his time in the Marines as an Infantryman. This week marks Patrick’s return to school and his quest to continue to help the people of the United States and keep our communities safe.

Patrick will still be around to assist in teaching our LTC and FID Gun Safety Classes as well as perhaps pick up a shift or two in the shop, but his primary focus will be on school for the next few months.

We wish him the best and look forward to the next semester when he can return and continue to be a regular part of our business.

Good luck, Pat!

Patrick St. Pierre