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Notable Firearms of Tombstone Trading Company

Being one of the largest gun shops in Massachusetts and also one that has a reputation for having hard-to-find and collectable firearms, we get to see some amazing pieces of firearm history. We plan on showcasing some of those pieces here, to share them with you. Unless stated in the description, these firearms are no longer for sale.

Two Colt Boa .357 Revolvers in Limited Edition Lew Horton Cased Set

Here are perhaps two of the most rare Colt double action revolvers ever made, in an even rarer combination! The total production of Colt Boa revolvers was 1200 of each 4" and 6" guns and the entire production run was purchased by Lew Horton Distributing, to be used to create 600 sets of a 4" and 6" gun.

The Colt "Cop & Thug" is a well known nickname for the Colt New Police. This beautiful example is chambered in .38 Colt.

In 1875 the US Ordnance Board granted Smith & Wesson a contract to outfit the military with Model 3 revolvers incorporating the design improvements of Major George W. Schofield (known as the "Schofield revolver"), providing that they could make the revolvers fire the .45 Colt (AKA ".45 Long Colt") ammunition already in use by the US military. Smith & Wesson instead developed their own, slightly shorter .45 caliber round, the .45 Schofield, otherwise known as the .45 S&W.

Now here's something you don't see every day! A 3rd generation Colt Cutaway Single Action Army.

The "cutaway" concept was created by Samuel Colt to visually demonstrate the action, features and engineering of Colt revolvers.

This is a great example of the iconic Colt 1911 in a Commander size and chambered in .38 Super. 

The Colt Banker's Special was made for army, bankers and postal workers. Based off of the classic Detective Special design, the Banker's Special has about a 1/4" smaller of a frame. Manufactured between 1926 and 1943, the Banker's Special was available in .38 New Police, .38 Smith & Wesson and in .22.

This beautiful 2nd generation Colt Single Action Army has been engraved by the one-and-only John Adams Sr. John Sr. has been called the "Premier Colt engraver of the 20th century".

The Colt Delta Elite is a modified M1911 pistol, Series 80 configuration, chambered for the 10mm Auto. It is similar to the M1911 in design and operation. Colt manufactured both stainless steel and blued versions with eight-round magazines. A Delta Gold Cup model was also offered for target competition. The stainless steel Government Model version has recently been reintroduced.

The example shown here is a "Variant 2" of the Delta Elite. That signifies the wrap-around pebbbled grips and the solid aluminum trigger.

Engraved Browning Hi Power, right side

Check out this beautifully engraved Browning Hi Power.

This pistol is chrome plated with gold accents and features 100% engraved coverage. This gorgeous pistol is also sporting genuine stag grips.

Check out this beauty... Colt's Ultimate Commander.

Between 1942 and 1945, Ithaca Gun Company made 382,000 of the .45-caliber Model 1911-A1 pistols for our military.

During that time Ithaca received a Certificate of Appreciation from the federal government for the improved manufacturing procedure for the triggers.

Union Switch & Signal 1911. Made in Swissvale, PA.

Wow, what a beauty this is. Not only is this US&S the second most rare World War II era 1911 style handgun, but it's in excellent shape!