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Sell Your Firearms

Every gun shop say they buy firearms. What they really mean is that they will buy only specific guns at a ridiculously low price.

At Tombstone Trading Company, we buys all kinds of guns at fair and competitive prices! That doesn't mean that we'll always agree, but rest assured that we will try to make every deal happen.


Some other questions we are often asked include:

Q: I have some firearms that were left to me by a deceased relative. Can I sell those to you?

A: Yes! We can buy those firearms from you.

Q: Do you buy guns that are not "Mass Compliant"?

A: Sometimes. As a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder we can purchase most any firearm. We will make a determination as to whether we can sell the firearm in question via an online auction or other method.

Q: Do you buy non-functional or broken firearms?

A: No we do not.

Q: Can I trade my guns towards another new or used firearm in your shop?

A: Absolutely! We do this quite frequently.