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Tombstone Trading Company began as a firearms training company in 1994 and still offers comprehensive firearms training to this day!

Our one-day class takes both experienced and novice shooters through the NRA's Basic Pistol Safety training class, which is a requirement for anyone in Massachusetts that wishes to obtain a Massachusetts License To Carry (LTC) or Firearms Identification Card (FID Card).

With over a combined 40 years of firearms training experience, we feel that we offer one of the best firearms courses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

Jason Turcotte

Jason Turcotte

In 2014, Jason fulfilled a long-time desire to bring his training experience together with his enjoyment of firearms and became a certified NRA Firearms Instructor and also a certified Basic Firearms Instructor by the Massachusetts State Police. When he's not busy making websites for his clients at his own business, he's teaching people how to be safe and responsible firearm owners and users and is Tombstone Trading Company's head instructor.

Jason has been a life-long firearms enthusiast and began his experience while going hunting with his father at the age of 12. He continued to be interested in firearms of all kinds and even did some competitive shooting for a couple years.

Jason also has extensive training experience outside of the firearms world, having trained thousands of people on topics from computer and technology use to business networking topics and online marketing strategies. We are fortuate to have him with us as our Vice President of Operations and Head Instructor.

Richard LaFranchise

Richard LaFranchise

For the past seventeen years, Dick has provided our youth, parents and adults alike, the opportunity to explore the shooting experience at the Mass Outdoor Expo (Big MOE), held each year in late September, where hundreds get to shoot Air Rifle, Rifle and Trap.

The shooting sports have always been my favorite, with competitive Trap and Handgun topping the list. As a past member of the Hamilton Pistol Team, shooting in several central Mass leagues, along with a teaching/training background, I am passionate as an NRA and Mass State Police certified instructor to pass along knowledge for safely owning and shooting firearms. 

My NRA certifications include Range Safety Officer, Certified Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home and certified as a Basic Firearms Instructor by the Mass State Police.

Matthew Chalifoux

Matthew Chalifoux

Matt grew up in a hunting family and was introduced to firearms at a young age. He began his shooting hobby using BB guns, like most children do, and progressed into firearms as time went on. Growing up, he had access to lots of land where he was able to set up his own rifle and pistol ranges, and that's where he spent most of his time. 

Matt has numerous years of instructor experience going back to his early teens as a martial arts instructor, which he continued through college. After college, he worked full time for the U.S. Postal Service as a Letter Carrier and Acting Supervisor before enlisting as an Infantryman in the Massachusetts Army National Guard. Shortly after he graduated Basic Training his unit was activated for a deployment to Iraq where he was assigned as a machine gunner for the security of convoy operations and Protective Service Detail for the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq and his aides. During this time, he received extensive training in protective services from agencies such as Blackwater and the State Department. Shortly after his return from Iraq, his unit was again activated for a deployment to Afghanistan, where he was an Infantry Team Leader providing security for Provincial Reconstruction Teams. An unfortunate injury sent him back home, where he was eventually retired from service and awarded the Purple Heart.

Matt joined Tombstone Trading Company as a team member in early 2017 and expressed interest in becoming an NRA instructor, a goal he achieved in October of 2017. We welcome him as our newest instructor as he shares his firearms and safety knowledge.