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Colt Delta Elite

The Colt Delta Elite is a modified M1911 pistol, Series 80 configuration, chambered for the 10mm Auto. It is similar to the M1911 in design and operation. Colt manufactured both stainless steel and blued versions with eight-round magazines. A Delta Gold Cup model was also offered for target competition. The stainless steel Government Model version has recently been reintroduced.

The example shown here is a "Variant 2" of the Delta Elite. That signifies the wrap-around pebbbled grips and the solid aluminum trigger.

The Delta Elite is also credited as being the first weapon since the ill-fated Bren Ten that sparked a genuine interest in the 10mm round. The 10mm round has had a resurgence with outdoorsmen and as a defense round. Colt has announced the re-introduction of the Delta Elite at the 2008 SHOT Show. This new generation is generally similar to the previous version. The "new" Delta Elites will be manufactured with the traditional barrel/bushing arrangement. Colt Customer Service stated they had a lack of acceptable accuracy problem with the "bull" bushingless barrel setup. That was the cause of the delay in the Delta Elite's production schedule. The new Delta Elite pistol was released March 31, 2009.