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Sell Your Guns To Us

Are you looking to sell your guns?

Tombstone Trading Company has a great reputation for buying used guns at fair prices. Many gun shops will only buy certain types of firearms but we try to buy everything that walks through the door, from the $25 gun to high-end and collectible firearms and machine guns.

Common Questions When Selling Your Guns

Do I need the original paperwork?

No, you do not need the original paperwork to sell us your used firearm. Simply bring the firearm in to us and we will examine it and work with you on a fair buying price.

Can you give me a price over the phone?

Unfortunately not. The condition of the gun is something that greatly affects the value of a firearm. We need to see the gun to be able to give you an accurate value.

My family member passed away. Can I still sell you those firearms?

As long as you are legally acting on the behalf of your family member's estate, we can buy the firearm from you.

Do I get a reciept?

Yes! We give you proper paperwork, listing the manufactuer, caliber and serial number of the gun for your records.

Do I need an appointment?

No. There is nearly always someone in the shop that can buy your firearms from you.

I have a bunch of guns. Do you buy all of them?

We often buy entire collections of firearms.