At Tombstone Trading Company, we pride ourselves on having the best selection of Massachusetts pre-ban AR-15 and AK-47 style rifles in stock and available for sale to Massachusetts residents that possess a valid LTC (License To Carry).

On July 20, 2016, Maura Healy, the Attorney General for Massachusetts reinterpreted our the “assault weapon” law that Massachusetts had in place since 1994. As of that date, it is unlawful for a firearms dealer to sell certain semi-automatic rifles and receivers that were manufactured after September of 1994. The most affected types of rifles are variants, copies and duplicates of AR-15 and AK-47 style rifles.

Rifles manufactured prior to September of 1994 are exempt from this law and commonly referred to as “pre-ban” rifles. These pre-ban rifles are still legal for sale in Massachusetts.

If you are looking for a Massachusetts pre-ban AR-15 or AK-47 style rifle, give us a call at (508) 867-6800 and ask what we have in stock. An even better option is to stop in and take a look at what we have as there is always something exciting on our walls and shelves.