Failure to call us for pre-approval will result in your item being shipped back at your expense.

At this time we are not performing private-party transfers.

Massachusetts allows for private-party firearm sales between two individuals as long as all laws are followed, including registration of the transfer with the State. Failure to follow the laws on this matter could result in up to 5 years imprisonment.

For individuals that need a firearm transferred to another party or those that are having a firearm shipped into Massachusetts, we offer firearm transfers that are guaranteed to meet all state and federal laws.

Why use Tombstone Trading Company for a firearm transfer?

While you can do this yourself, using Tombstone Trading Company to conduct your Massachusetts firearms transfer will benefit you with the following:

  • Public, safe location to conduct your transfer. Please arrange payment with your buyer prior to arriving for the transfer.
  • A federal background check is performed on the purchaser, ensuring that you are not transfering a firearm to someone with a criminal record.
  • Creates a paper trail that verifies that you are no longer responsible for the firearm.
  • Ensures that all state and federal laws are followed.
  • Makes sure that the transaction is properly recorded with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Allows you to sell/transfer more than the 4 personal firearm transfers in a calendar year that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts restricts you to.

Contact us with questions you may have about how to transfer your firearm to another LTC or FID holder in Massachusetts.