Two Bren Ten pistols offered for sale by Tombstone Trading Company

Rare Bren Ten Pistols: A Collector’s Dream at Our Shop

We’ve been fortunate to have some remarkable firearms pass through our shop over the past 23 years, and once again, we’ve hit the jackpot with these two iconic Bren Ten pistols!

The Bren Ten Pistol: An Iconic and Historically Significant Firearm

The Bren Ten pistol stands out as an iconic and historically significant design in the handgun world. The legendary Jeff Cooper lent his expertise and guidance to Dornaus & Dixon Enterprises, the manufacturer of this famed pistol. With only around 1,500 ever produced, we are thrilled to have not one but two of these exceptional handguns!

Two Sequentially Serial Numbered Bren Ten Pistols Available

That’s right—these are not just two sides of the same Bren Ten pistol. We have two Bren Ten pistols with sequential serial numbers, making them a unique and rare find.

The First 10mm Pistol: Featured on Miami Vice

The Bren Ten was the first 10mm pistol ever made and later gained fame on the blockbuster television show Miami Vice, featured during the first and second seasons and carried by Don Johnson’s character, Sonny Crockett.

Exceptionally Rare Collectible Firearms

These pistols are incredibly rare, and having two with sequential serial numbers is practically unheard of. For serious firearms collectors, these could be the centerpiece of your collection.

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