Love your Smith & Wesson M&P or Shield Pistols but hate the Massachusetts trigger pull of 10.5 lbs? We are pleased to announce an alternative for you. We can install an APEX Tactical trigger kit for you that will reduce the factory trigger pull of 10.5 pounds down to a more managable weight of 5 – 5.5 pounds. This allows you to safely carry your firearm but also shoot it more accurately as less effort is required to pull the trigger and thus less opportunity to disturb your sight picture.

We also offer a trigger kit for the J-Frame revolvers, reducing the trigger pull approximately three pounds from the factory standard. Not only is the trigger easier to pull, but much smoother throughout the travel. This is a great addition to your J-Frame.

We carry the “duty/carry” kits in-stock but can also special order additional APEX Tactical kits or options like the aluminum triggers and aluminium flat-faced triggers for the Shield. Call for details on those options.

Our turnaround time for installation is typically one business day. To have your M&P, Shield or J-Frame upgraded, simply bring your unloaded firearm to the shop during our normal business hours and we’ll take it in for repair and contact you as soon as it’s done.

New sights also make a great addition with your new APEX Trigger.

Ask about our tactical packages for Smith & Wesson M&P or Shield pistols!

Call us at (508) 867-6800 with any questions you may have.