1 & 3 Post Rd. Brookfield, MA sold but Tombstone Trading Company, Inc. is going nowhere

Over the last 12 or so months, many of you have come into the store and wanted to know what was going on with the ‘For Sale’ sign on the property. Most were concerned we were selling the company.

Well, this post is to let everyone know that you will now see the ‘For Sale’ sign has a big ol’ SOLD rider attached to it and the closing happened on September 13th. Frankly, the owner of Tombstone Trading Company, David Bourdeau, was simply no longer interested in being a landlord to the 4 apartments that are on the property. It was time to let someone else collect rents, mow the lawn, plow the parking lot and the other responsibilities that come with owning a multi-unit complex.

Now the answer to the next question; “Did we sell the business?” The answer to that is a resounding NO! Tombstone Trading Company was never for sale. We are currently celebrating our 20th year in business this year and are excitedly looking forward to the next 20. We, of course, have been in discussions with the new property owner and will be in our current location for the next year.

“But what happens after that?”, you may ask. Well, just keep this in mind… we’re always thinking of the next steps for the company and we will likely come to you fairly soon with some new thoughts and ideas and can’t wait to share them with you.

Finally, we would like to extend a HUGE thanks to Michelle Terry and her team at Michelle Terry Team over at EXIT Realty. Michelle put in the work to make this sale happen and we couldn’t be happier with her or the results she and her team produced.

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