Like most gun shops and gun owners in Massachusetts, we were surprised to hear that Attorney General, Maura Healy, made a unilateral decision to re-interpret the 22 year old Massachusetts Assault Weapon Ban, particularly the definition of what a “copy” or “duplicate” of those weapons are.

This directive came with no notice and, according to our sources in the Mass Legislature, no consultation with the Representatives that create the laws of the Commonwealth. A complete end-run around the system.

In an article published in the Springfield Republican and shown on the website, Tombstone Trading Company owner David Bourdeau said “The conversation’s premature until we get a notice and see how it’s written by the state.”

We have spent the better part of this morning reviewing the directive by the Attorney General and believe we have an understanding of what semi-automatic rifles and shotguns we can and cannot sell, from this date forward. We are working diligently to get those items in stock and suggest you follow us on our Facebook page for the latest “up to the minute” updates.

Action Needed By All Firearm Owners

This is a time for all firearm owners to band together and take action. Even if you don’t feel that there is a need for an “assault rifle”, this is only the first step they will likely take in an attempt to ban all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

You need to take the time to contact your State Representative as well as the Governor’s Office. You can find a list of State Representatives on the Mass Legislature website, which we’ve linked below.

Members of the House of Representatives

Write, call and email your Representative and the Governor today to help preserve your 2nd Amendment rights and get this overreaching directive eliminated.